2016: Year in Review

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As in past year in review that i have done, i have went through a semi-detailed overview on the past year. This year i have decided not to do that, but to say that 2016 was a year that will stick with me for years to come. The first thing that comes to my mind when i look back throughout this year are seven words: the good, the bad, and the ugly. There were some several good things that had happened like getting several updates done on the house, time with family and friends, taking a Sunday every month at work (a church rents our facility) so a co-worker could spend time with his family and recently surprising  Kate with a Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo for Christmas. Some challenging things were taking more responsibilities at work for a couple of months while we search and filled, not one, but two positions in IT. It was also during this time, i was working every Sunday. Even though it was time away from my own church, i have got to know the church leadership team better and i tried to be a blessing to them as they were a blessing to me. It was also i realized i was doing a lot of things during the week, and needed to take a step back and look at a bigger picture. So i decided to take time off from Young Life, as well as just recently did not rejoin the deacon board at church (a term is 3 years, and mine was going to be up at year end). Finally, there were a couple of ugly things that took place, but it was a learning process for all involved.


Looking forward to 2017 and to see what all God has planned.



Since tomorrow is the first Sunday of the month, while the majority of you will be still in bed, i will be up at 6:30 to go to work. Here’s a picture i came across that explains what i will be doing shortly this evening:


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While driving home Thursday Night from the last Young Life High School club for the year, i was thinking about this last year in YL and thinking of some things and it always came back to two little words: “who knew”

Who knew?

Who knew we would end up with 48 kids at the last YL High School club of the year?

Who knew we would avg 25+ kids at each club?

Who knew we would have an awesome leadership team that cares and has compassion for the kids and wants to love on them unconditionally?

Who knew that I would be part of the High School leadership team?

Who knew that 8 years ago when Curtis Sethlar and I first met, we would eventually work together on YL leadership team?

Who knew that the inaugural year for YL High School in the Quincy area was going to be this amazing?

Who knew that we were crazy by bringing YL High School to Quincy full force?

Who knew that the kids in Wyld Life would continue to be part of Quincy Young Life in High School?

Who knew that I, along with Kate would go up to WI for the weekend for a Young Life leader conference?

Who knew that I would be part of Wyld Life(Jr. High) and run Audio\Video for their club?

Who knew that through Quincy Young Life that I would meet a wonderful caring, beautiful woman, and we would start dating and 1.5 yrs later we would be married? 

Who knew that I had a ‘come to Jesus’ moment the night before i ask this woman out on a first date?

Who knew that the Amy likes to play match maker?

Who knew that this woman was the committee chair of Quincy YL and they were (and are still) good friends?

Who knew that the Amy likes to play match maker?

Who knew the Amy and I talked for 30 minutes after banquet about a single woman on Young Life committee that she thought would be good for me to get to know?

Who knew that the Amy likes to play match maker?

Who knew that I would meet my future wife at a Young Life banquet?

Who knew that I would run Audio\Video for a Young Life Banquet?

Who knew that Amy likes to play match maker?

Who knew Amy would ask me to run Audio\Video for their fall banquet?

Who knew that after 20 yrs, Amy Schmiedeskamp, the Area Director of Quincy Young Life, and I would re-connect on FB, and catch up on things for the past 20 yrs?



Proposed minimum wage hike issue

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Doesn’t anybody else think this is a very bad idea………..



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